Acrylic Facemounts on Metallic Paper

The highest quality option: These ready to hang pieces are first printed on a special metallic paper, and then mounted to a wood backing with a floatmount frame. They are finished by adding a piece of glass acrylic to the face of the print that enhances depth and gloss, creating a fit and finish of gallery quality.

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36" x 24" – $875 CAD
45" x 30" – $1350 CAD
60" x 40" – $1875 CAD
other sizes available

Fine Art Photography Prints For Sale | Bryce Mironuck Nature Photography

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, my passion lies in producing Fine Art Photography Prints at the highest quality I can personally produce. I have a partnership with Print Partner, which is a Canadian producer of Photographic Prints, and they supply the majority of my Fine Art Nature Prints. Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding any of my services or printing options

Fine Art Prints

Acrylic facemount prints are the most modern way to display photographic art. Prints are created with a special metallic paper that creates a more 3d effect than normal printing methods, and shows more depth and highlights. This allows the art to hang in a frameless fashion, not distracting from the art itself.

About Me

Originally inspired by the artwork of Michael Levin and later on the fine art prints of Peter Lik, my goal is to create exceptionally high quality fine art photography prints for your home. Each of my fine art prints is digitally signed, and embedded into the print itself, tastefully placed in one of the corners without distraction.